Sunday, April 4, 2010

"The V Drape" Silk Dress - Another creation in March

Anyone can dress up beautifully! 

"The V Drape" Dress can be dressed casually during the day with the fabric just hang over the body with a pair of tights and a blazer to give an edge to your look. It looks flattering with your favorite belt and a statement necklace to wear for a dinner party.

This is another dress that I made in the month of March. 

Love this silhouette!

Draping is an area I would love to explore so I bought a Japanese book about draping and it came with paper patterns too! This dress was made based on of one of those patterns and I modified some details, such as the amount of pleats which had significantly defined the volume and the silhouettes of the dress; I stitched up closed the side seams from below waist to few inches above the waistline to give a depth to the armhole and that had given  definition to the shape of the drape on the sides.

Jersey is a favorably used for draping because of its weight. However, I have taken a bravo approach to use this silk for a purpose. I wanted something that would allow me to dress in comfort on the go during that day and dress up to a dinner party at night, and more ambitiously I wanted to experiment with different type of fabrics for draping. The fabric is made out of silk with weaved in metallic thread that gives a sheer and shiny surface. It is light weight. The result is it turns out great! 

I have styled the dress with a belt from Hussy.

Available for order!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

'RoseMarie' Drape Skirt - My Recent Creation!

This is my recent creation 'RoseMarie' Drape Skirt! Inspired by the shape and texture of roses and the softness of the fabrics and aspired to create a feminine luxury look. It was made based on a paper pattern, finishing up with a new unique piece of skirt that was significantly different from the original. The fabrics was cut out and pinned on the mannequin for draping. Fabric is of medium weight, good for creating various drapes which gives a soft and luxury look. This is the end product!

The RoseMarie Drape Skirt is in Champaign hue, asymmetrical, about knee length, with pleats at the sides, front and back with a hand-stitched fabric rose on the left side of the waist. Zipper on the side. Easy maintenance with Machine Wash in cold water.

Available for order!