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My Recent Favorite Accessories - House of Harlow

House of Harlow 1960 Gold Sunburst Stations Necklace With Khaki Leather and Pave by Nicole Richie. Features 14ct gold-plated palladium sunburst khaki leather inlay pendants paved with crystals. Small pendant can either be worn behind neck or in front stacked on top of larger disc.

House of Harlow 1960 Pave Arrow Cuff in Gold by Nicole Richie. Features 14ct gold plated cuff with an antiqued arrow encrusted with pave crystals and has an adjustable opening to suit most wrists.

"New Autumn/Winter 2010 Vivienne Westwood x Melissa & Jean Paul Gaultier x Melissa Arriving in Sydney"16.03.2010
'Melissa Vivienne Westwood Ankle Book in Button Version' is a MUST HAVE for this season!! It's arrving in store and online before the end of March.
Brazilian footwear label Melissa, best known for its collaboration with Vivienne Westwood, has made a great impact on the fashion scene. "The most amazing thing about this partnership was to be able to create modern products, with very high quality, for affordable prices" says Vivienne Westwood.

Jean Paul Gaultier x Melissa
In celebration of Melissa's 30th birthday, Jean Paul Gaultier has collaborated with Melissa to create this fabulous 10cm stiletto arriving this August/September in Sydney.
Melissa's jelly shoes is not only reowned for their use of recycled plastic and waste-free production, but for its fun and colourful approach and its affordable price starting from AU$155.

The “Alice in the Wonderland” Spree - 3

O.P.I. launches Alice in the Wonderland inspired Mini Nail Lacquers with a slogan “Colour so fantastic, you’ll think you’re dreaming.” I could not have agreed more! This collection comes in a lovely packaging with four dazzling nail colours.

O.P.I. Alice in the Wonderland Mini Nail Polish Limited Edition

The delicious colors in the collection are:
- “Absolutely Alice” is a royal blue glitter with gold popping throughout (Love it!!)
- “Mad as a Hatter” is a sparkly multi-glitter polish
- “Off With Her Red!” is a metallic pearl red shimmer
- “Thanks so Muchness!” is a tomato red polish

You can now be immersed further into the film by picking up this gorgeous Alice inspired nail polish set!


The “Alice in the Wonderland” Spree - 2

Not only I was excited about Swarovski and OPI launched their Alice in the Wonderland collection, I must mention about my all time favourite Disney Couture. The idea of Disney Couture, their attention to detail to the pieces and the stories behind each piece of jewellery are fascinating. They are loved by kids and adults and have brought backchildhood memories.
Tom Binns For Disney Couture ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Collection

In conjunction with the release of the new Alice in the Wonderland film, jewellery designer Tom Binns hascollaborated with Disney Couture to create a capsule collection of jewellery drawing inspiration from the storyline and characters of the Alice story, including Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, the White Queen and the White Rabbit.The collection features two lines, ‘Tom Binns for Disney Signature’ and ‘Tom Binns for Disney Couture’.
To sum up this beautiful jewellery collection, here’s the line:
‘Tom Binns brings us his exclusive Alice in Wonderland Collection for Disney Couture Jewellery. His pieces are the piece of “elegance and anti-conformist sentiment.” Celebrate Disney’s re-invention of the classic Alice in Wonderland tale with this fashion-forward collection!’
Tom Binns For Disney Couture ‘ Alice In Wonderland’ Cascading Keyhole Necklace
Tom Binns For Disney Couture ‘ Alice In Wonderland’ Gold Plated Multi Chain Bracelet
ToBinns For Disney Couture ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Faux Pearl Keyhole Pendant Necklace


The “Alice in the Wonderland” Spree - 1

With recent hit of Walt Disney and Tim Burton’s retelling of the story of the great classic tale Alice in the Wonderland in the theatre in early March, everyone has been put under magical spell and dazzled by this whimsical story including retailers and fashion labels in town! I was very excited when I found out these companies were releasing collections based on the movie.

Swaroski online
swaroski teapot.jpg swaroski pendent.jpg
Alice in the Wonderland – Tea Party Online Exclusive

Swaroski has worked very closely with Disney on the designs of this collection and launches these four beautifully sculpted online exclusive pendants, Teapot, Cupcake, Donut and White rabbit. With inspirations drawn from the famous tea party scene of this film, the pendants display the playfulness and imaginative side of the story while giving a feminine and romantic touch. Love it!