Styling Critiques

"The Warrior Way" 

This image is chosen from the March Issue of Vogue US. Fashion shoot titled “The Warrior Way” illustrates the “alpha female of the social battlefield” with minis strapped, shoulder armor and breastplates. 
The model is dressed in Alexander McQueen short, nipped-waist, reptile patterned, digitally printed jungle-green silk dress with beading details and her gangly legs sunk in grotesque Gladiator shoes. Her make-up emphasizes the eye and the brow to give a masculine edge. Her hair is in African braised. Her arm and leg are drawn with geometric shapes that symbolize the head of the tribal community, proud and honored. The shoot is taken place in the bush amongst big branches and trunks of trees. The model’s pose as if she was a gladiator crawling through the rainforest with privilege. 
The connection between the clothes, the model, the make-up, the location and the posture are obvious. Everything is blended nicely. The garment that is worn by the model fits into the theme of nature and tribal power and the colour and the pattern of the garment symbolize a reptile, blend nicely with the bush, the greens, the earth, and texture of the branches. It gives a touch-luxe form of style to the garment ad the look.
I like the visual composition and the portrayal of medieval beauty.

"Bad Chic Style of the Day"

This photo is picked by as their Best Chic style of the day. I cannot disagree with it more. Her look is very slopping and distracting.
She is wearing an oversize white tee shirt and a pair of white heavily ripped jeans with a pair of knee height lace up black Dr. Martin leather boots, accessorised with a pair of biker sunnies.
The t-shirt looks old and it is tied up at the waist creating lots of wrinkles on the shirt and makes her look bulky and sloppy. The tee and jeans although they are both white in colour, they are in different tone of white which makes one or the other looks old and discoloured. The leather boots are great but they create no aesthetic contract between the top and the bottom because the boots look bold and her top looks too relaxed. Her hair is frizzy; she has no make up on; her skin looks dry; which can be assumed that she puts on her sunnies with an intention to cover her tired face. This look is a disaster. Biker no biker, rock isn’t rock, and definitely military not! It looks like she has just come out of the bush! There is no visual connection amongst pieces or aesthetic attraction in her style.
I suggest that each piece of garment be worn separately without being worn in one look. The oversized tee shirt can be worn loose or tucked in with a pair of tights, sneakers and hair tied up high. The pair of jeans I believe they are too ripped at the knee or else they look great with heels. The boots can go with something with military details and more structured garment.